Best Places to Visit in Winter in China

Harbin - Get into Ice and Snow World & Ski Paradise for Snow Fun to the Fullest 

With its cold and harsh winter climate, Harbin has become known as the “Ice City” of China. As temperatures can dip to an average low of -24°C in the evening, it's no surprise that this locale is home to one of Asia's most impressive festivals – an incredible ice sculpture event each year! In addition to being dubbed "Little Paris" or "Moscow in Orient," locals like referring proudly refer their city as a diamond frozen deep within snow-covered Heilongjiang Province. 

On January 5th every year, the city of Harbin comes alive with a grand opening ceremony for an event like no other - the iconic Ice and Snow Festival! From late December through February's end, visitors flock to experience all that this joyous festival has to offer. For those eager to plan ahead, keep your eyes peeled for further information about what awaits in 2023. 

1. Visit Ice and Snow World with excitement to attend 19th Harbin Ice and Snow World, enter into snow world with different themes to admire gorgeous ice snow sculptures, watch ice & snow performance, or take part in some activities on the ice.

2. Come to Sun Island and enjoy the featured Russian architectures capped with snow, attend 30th Harbin International Snow Sculpture Art Exposition in China to see lots of snow sculptures. 

Yunnan - Enjoy Nature Beauty and Ethnic Diversity Beyond Time Limit 

Retreat to Yunnan and explore the diversity of its winter wonderland! With a subtropical latitude combined with an elevation above sea level, this southern Chinese region boasts temperate weather all year round. In cities such as Kunming, Dali and Lijiang temperatures rarely drop below freezing in the colder months; splashes of sunshine only further enhance each destination's unique beauty - Stone Forest karst formations here, terraced rice fields there... Experience 25 different ethnic cultures while snow blankets majestic peaks far into valleys surrounded by lush forests. This remarkable area is often highly-ranked on travelers' bucket lists for amazing vistas made even more magical during wintertime. 

1. Kunming is called the Eternal Spring City of China, with average temperature in winter around 15 ℃. It is usually chosen as the first destination when touring Yunnan. It will be very enjoyable to see flocks of black-headed gulls flying over the Green Lake or Dian Lake which can only be viewed during winter days. As well, don’t miss the exploration in the 270 million year-old Stone Forest with a notable set of limestone formations.

2. Just like Kunming, Dali has a mild winter temperature around 15 ℃. Getting into the hometown of Bai ethnic people, you can relax a lot between the Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake and experience Three-Course tea ceremony of Bai and even try tie-dye in Zhoucheng. 

Sichuan - Experience “Fire & Ice” on the Land of Abundance 

Nestled in the heart of West China lies Sichuan, a province known as "the Land of Abundance". Its capital city Chengdu is much-loved by tourists all year round due to its relatively mild winter climate - average temperatures usually hover around 5℃ and 11 ℃. But what really sets this place apart are two specific attractions – Giant Pandas, which symbolize China across the world and that age-old classic: hot pot! A spicy feast sure to ward off any chilliness even on those frostiest of days.  

Huangshan - Come for the Five Wonders of Yellow Mountain in the Lovely Winter 

Yellow Mountain, considered the finest in all of China and praised worldwide for it's stunning beauty, is a popular destination year-round. Winter time however brings an enchanting twist as temperatures drop to lows of -5℃ during December through February. This season paints a breathtaking snowy landscape that perfectly highlights its famed Five Magical Wonders: Odd-shaped Pines, Spectacular Rocky Peaks, Hot Spring and Winter Snow. Those making their way here can wake up to waking snowfalls adding sparkle by day or magical rime icy leaves when sunlight emerges; not forgetting your chance to nearly guarantee sighting the renowned Sea of Clouds. 

Guilin - Relax to Enjoy Karst Scenery & Ethnic Culture in Winter Season 

Guilin is often regarded as the relaxing resort for most travelers who can try different kinds of activities to enjoy the picturesque karst landscape. There is saying going “East or West, Guilin Landscape is the Best”. The scenery in winter is also attractive in Guilin. The average temperature in winter time is around 8℃ to 16℃, not so cold. 

The most classic way is taking the Li River cruise sailing leisurely from Guilin downtown area to Yangshuo County with endless karst landscape passing by. With a little chilly breeze, you will encounter the marvelous scene of the Nine-house Fresco, famous lively image on the back of 20 RMB note at the Yellow Cloth Shoal. After 4-hour cruising, you will arrive in Yangshuo where you can relax yourselves with lots of exciting outdoor activities in its countryside. Slow down your pace and mind to indulge in the visiting no matter which style you choose - walking, hiking, cycling, bamboo rafting or kayaking, you will enjoy yourselves to the fullest. The must-see sites include West Street, Yulong River, Moon Hill and Big Banyan Tree. 

For travelers who are interested in exploring around Longji Rice Terrace, you can add one day to extend to Longsheng County in the north of Guilin City. Winter is not the best time to see the rice terrace scenery, but you can enjoy the village life and ethnic minority culture here. You will get to know the traditional life of Yao and Zhuang people, see their unique and colorful clothing, listen to the melodious folk music, watch the playful dances and observe the women weaving and embroidering. It will be good cultural experience in winter days.